A collection of articles, and sometimes rants, on technical topics. Most are basically verbose blog posts, but if you enjoy programming, you may find them informative.

Markdown the pits of madness
Figuring out a way to customize the Markdown rendering in Jekyll.
De Vermis Mysteriis — solvuntur
Following up on my cursed attempt at making writing Markdown in Jekyll friendlier.
Thawing strings
It's 2023 and we're using Ruby 3.2, do we really need #frozen-string-literal?
You don't need services (whatever this word means)
Among my pet peeves: “services” of all kinds.
Better practices by example: RSpec
Improving an RSpec suite.
Faxes from a late-career developer
Thought-provoking talk did provoke thoughts


Steel Vellum [in progress]
Building a Ruby gem without a clear goal, but with a method.
Z80 ASM [in progress]
“Hello, World!” in Z80 assembly.