Tailwing marketing and misinformation engine

When the Tailwind hype train arrived at my station, back in 2018 I believe, I missed it because it was relying on Less, and setting it up was a pain – back then I was more of a Sass guy. Years later, not only do I not get the appeal of this framework (or any CSS framework for that matter) but I’m glad not to be part of what looks, from the outside, like a cult. Tailwind has a lot in common with Scientology: it is based on ridiculous beliefs, it inexplicably draws talented people, and its mob will hunt you down if you speak against it.

A Conspiracy To Kill IE6

Delightful story. I love the irresponsible dauntlessness of the dev team, compared to the aimless inertia within the company that allowed them to pull it off. A fine example of begging for forgiveness instead of asking for permission.

Jeannette Ng Was Right: John W. Campbell Was a Fascist

I should really read more of Doctorow’s. Everything by him that I read or listen to hits the mark. I had no idea who John W. Campbell was, I still don’t know who Jeannette Ng is, and I’m only vaguely aware of the controversy surrounding the Hugo Awards. But, in our age of Balkanized strife, it feels good to read calls to nuance – “Life is not a ledger. Your sins can’t be paid off through good deeds. Your good deeds are not cancelled by your sins.”

Ruby Koans - Mountains are merely mountains

I had fun doing the Ruby koans in my terminal back in the day. (OK, to be fair, I didn’t go through them all.) Having them in a web browser in not that useful, but it’s a good display of what Wasm can do.

Performance impact of the memoization idiom on modern Ruby

From the depths of my notes, this great article by Jean Boussier about one of the most over-used technique I’ve seen in past 3 years. Now, this article is more about Ruby’s object shapes – an optimization trick that I’m not particularly attracted to. (It’s the kind of very specialized tool that’s good to know about, but most people will never need – and therefore should never use.) But I’d be happy if the concluding advice is broadly heard: please don’t over-use memoization.