HTTP 303 Redirects with anchor not respected

An unexpected issue with Turbo that I came across while working on a pet project. It’s all the more a bummer that the problem is not really with Turbo, but with fetch(). The silver lining is that I learned a couple of things through this, starting with the fact that there is a whole spec for fetching (which goes beyond the JS function).

Spicy Web

I may be late to the party here, since Jared White is a name that sounds familiar, but Spicy Web is yet another heartwarming example of the Revenge of the Simple Web. I sense a backlash brewing against the over-engineering of the web in the last decade, and every single week I stumble on another brilliant piece of advocacy for a return to HTML and CSS by the book – which are very powerful now.

Wait, is cloud bad?

An interesting counter-take on DHH’s recent advocacy for exiting the cloud. I don’t necessarily agree with the author on everything, but I liked his tone. Being myself (moderately) excited at the prospect of being able to do go back to the good old days, including when it comes to sysadmin stuff, I appreciate a different perspective.


Talking about the good old days, a toot by Justin Searls pointed me towards this nice branding of a cool concept. I already have too many projects in progress, but redoing this site to making it POSSE-compliant is now on top of the TODO pile. The 90’s are back, I’m telling you!


As I’ve written already, I’m a sucker for fonts. This one looked nice, and its website really sells it well. But, for some reason, I didn’t like it in practice.


… And yet, I am going all-in on the Monaspace family – more precisely, on Monaspace Neon, semi-wide and ultra-light. Probably because it looks a bit like Eurostile, my favorite fonts of all time, as overused as it may be.

(So far, the transition to Monaspace Neon from my dead Monofur is going rather well, even it is less pleasing when writing prose.)