It’s 2023, here is why your web design sucks.

Probably the best article I’ve stumbled upon in the past couple of weeks. Reading it go me so excited that I couldn’t help but forwarding it around, especially to designers or managers I’ve worked with in the past. Heather Buchel explains exactly what I’ve been trying to say for years, but way better than I ever could, and with an extra dash of insights (especially regarding gender-based territoriality). And I love her tone.

Whitespace Characters to Copy and Paste

Or, more importantly, whitespace characters to learn about. I’m a rather lenient person, but when it comes to typography, I gladly nitpick like the nerd I am (deep inside). I stumbled upon this great site when searching for a design solution to a spacing issue in my latest pet project. You can bet that it’s now in my bookmarks.

YAML Multiline

Another reference I’m happy to bookmark, now that I’m back to 1998 and actually browser features like bookmarks again. (By the way, do you remember Pinboard?) Anyway, YAML is confusing and will occasionally trip you up, hopefully this will help.

Super Color Palette

Another great tool, that I learned about through Brandon James Greers (who makes pictures out of tiny squares). I’ve been building up several new things recently, and UI design can be alien enough to stop me in my tracks, but this kind of tool helps a lot to push through.

Constructing subclasses of Data with positional arguments

My original notes for the link where: What a thread. Talk about tone. In hindsight, they suffice.