Attenborough Lore

“A foray into the Warhammer 40,000 lore, as narrated by an AI of the venerable Sir David Attenborough.” I’ve been binging on these videos recently – the richness and horror of the 40K lore pairs really well, in an ironic way, with Sir Attenborough’s simulated elocution. The results are really impressive – finally a good use of deep fake tech!

Intel One Mono

I’m a sucker for fonts, especially so-called progamming fronts. This one looked really good… on the screenshots. I installed it and immediately went back to my dear Monofur.


I’m really excited by visionOS and the idea of “spatial computing”. I’m usually suspicious of attempts to use web tech to build desktop-like apps, but this may be an easy way in this new landscape. I’m willing go give it a try. (But I’m also downloading XCode and dusting off my Swift reference book as I’m typing this…)