Web3’s fake version of Web history

I don’t know if I subscribe to the author’s reading of Chris Dixon’s intents (and I don’t know who this Dixon guy is anyway), but his history of the Web sure matches my recollections.

Trauma is Trauma: A Mental Health Talk with Kevin Smith

Smith is really an impressive storyteller. There are a few zeitgeisty new-age stuff in his speech that I didn’t like, but overall, it’s a powerful message shared in the most humble and articulate way. This guy is all heart and brains (and no fashion sense, obviously).

I can’t decide if I’m excited by the possiblities this proposal opens, or discouraged by its complexity and dependance on tools (i.e. potential browser lock-in) to be usable.

Meet Leland Chee, the Star Wars Franchise Continuity Cop

My son finished Star Wars Jedi: Survivor this week-end, and while diligently going through the endlessly rolling credits, we were astonished to see someone credited as the Keeper of the Holocron. It turns out that it’s their actual job title, including on their LinkedIn page. A cool nerd fairy tale. (Interestingly, the Wired article talks about continuity and refusing to retcon, but dates back from 2008, which puts things in perspective.)

WebKit Features in Safari 16.4

Published a few weeks ago, but I only got to read this article recently. I don’t really care for the WPA features, but I’m intrigued by CSS improvements like margin-trim or font-size-adjust. And any improvement to the (already quite good) Web Inspector is always welcome in my book.